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Odyssey Fantasy Football is a 288 Person Mega League featuring 16 Leagues (referred to as Conferences) of 18 Players. During the season, everything works like normal fantasy football, with players competing against their leaguemates. Through the season, this website will update with both individual conference standings and league-wide standings. The playoff bracket will feature 96 total teams across the final 4 weeks. In addition, bowl games will be played the final 2 weeks of the season, featuring 148 teams total (even some who did not make the playoffs).

Each conference will feature 3 divisions of 6 teams. The final week of the regular season will be "Conference Championship Week", featuring a 3-team matchup between the leaders of each division. The winner of this matchup will receive a bye in the playoffs.

Odyssey Fantasy Football will feature a cross-league playoff bracket, featuring the top 96 teams. In week 13, division champions will have a 3-way matchup to determine the conference champion. These 16 conference champions will receive a bye in the playoffs. The other two non-division winners will also receive an auto-bid to the playoffs and a top 48 seed. The rest of the 48 teams will be selected by a combination of record and points per game.

The first round of the playoffs will feature 5-way matchups, with two teams moving on to face a conference champion in a 3-way matchup the following week. From there, the final two weeks will be 4-way matchups with only one team moving on.

The playoff payout are as follows:

Champion: $1000

2nd-4th: $400

5th-16th: $100

Starting Week 16, the top 36 teams that are NOT still remaining in the playoff bracket will be selected for a holiday six bowl. Each bowl will have 6 teams in the Week 16 matchup, with the best players being selected for the following bowls in the following order based on their overall league standing:

  1. Violet Bowl ($360 Prize)
  2. Strawberry Bowl ($340 Prize)
  3. Silk Bowl ($320 Prize)
  4. Party Bowl ($300 Prize)
  5. Salt Bowl ($280 Prize)
  6. Plum Bowl ($260 Prize)

The top 2 teams from the first round matchup advance to the second round of each bowl. Here, they will also be joined by 2 auto-bid teams, who lost in the previous week in the main playoff bracket. The highest scoring team in week 17 will win the bowl.

Other Bowls

After the top 36 teams have been selected for the Holiday Six bowls, the next 96 best teams based on overall conference standings will be randomly assigned to a bowl game, each with a prize of $160. These bowls feature a 12 teams in each bowl.

This year's league will feature an All-Star Tournament

The tournament's goal is to give a slight reward to those in better divisions, as it will be harder to get an auto-bid to the playoffs if you get unlucky with your division placement. So, the All-Star tournament is here to help you out!

The tournament will begin Week 1 of the regular season. In Weeks 1 through 7, your division will score points each week based on your division's best possible lineup. In other words, your score each week will be determined as if all of the players from your division's teams were placed in a single bestball team. The best possible lineup will be created, and that will be your score for the week.

Starting Week 8, the Group Stage will begin. The top 32 out of 48 scoring divisions will make it here. Once here, you will play three head-to-head games Weeks 8 through 10 with the other divisions in your group. The top 2 teams from the Group Stage will move on to the Bracket.

The Bracket will feature the 16 remaining divisions. In Week 11, the remaining divisions will be placed in a single matchup, with the top 8 scoring divisions moving on to the final week. In the Championship (Week 12), divisions will be matched up in head-to-head fashion with one other division. Here, we will have 4 divisions who are declared the winners of the All-Star Tournament.

Every team on the winning divisions will receive a bonus of 0.5 Wins and +2 Points to their median PPG. It may not seem like a lot, but in a league this big, you will most likely be tied with 20-30 people at a time for your current record, and this will help you move up significantly.

I know it may seem like a lot, but this whole tournament will run automatically, so all you have to do is set your lineup like normal and the computer will do the rest!

To join the league, find an open slot in a league under "Conferences". Then, join the LeagueSafe below to pay your dues:

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To stay up to date with league updates and chat with league members, join our discord here with this link:

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